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January, 2018

The Education Department would like to welcome you to "Educational Monthly.”

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A Moment In Time

Do you know the name of the oldest Historically Black College & University
(HBCU)...keep reading ?

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are institutions of higher
education established with the purpose of providing training and education to

When the Institute for Colored Youth was established in 1837, its purpose was to
teach African~Americans skills necessary to be competitive in the 19"‘ Century job market. Students learned to read, write, basic math skills, mechanics and

In later years, the Institute for Colored Youth was a training ground for educators.

Other institutions followed with the mission of training freed African~American men and women.

It is important to note that several religious institutions such as the African
Methodist Episcopal Church (AME), United Church of Christ, Presbyterian and
American Baptist provided funding to establish many schools.

1837: Cheyney University of Pennsylvania opens its doors. Established by Quaker
Richard Humphreys as the “Institute for Colored Youth, " Cheyney University is the oldest historically black school of higher education.  Famous alumni includes educator and civil rights activist Josephine Silone Yates.

Lewis, Femi. "HBCU Timeline:1837 to 1870." Thoughtco, Dec. 8, 2017,


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